Zeni Is an African Name Meaning “God’s Grace”

Meet Zeni, the courageous protagonist of The Toad Chronicles series and narrator of the theme-park adventure ride in which the series is set.

In the series, Karis recounts the tales of Zeni’s escapades to find Prince Charming, only to be met by a swamp filled with toads. During her adventures, however, Zeni unknowingly unearths some life-altering wisdom which changes her perception of life and most importantly, herself. Armed with this valuable knowledge, Zeni undergoes a spiritual metamorphosis, rises in her empowement, and successfully escapes the swamp, becoming the hero of her own fairy tale.

Zeni is an inspiring role model for people of all ages as without fail, she continues pushing forward, even after suffering one adversity after another. She is a wayshower for others as they navigate through the swamp in their own life.

Join Zeni on this inspiring adventure ride! She is set to help empower you to rise in your empowerment, escape the swamp, and become the hero of your very own fairy tale.

Preview Excerpt from the Introduction

Zeni is the narrator of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride which is based upon her escapades in the swamps to find Prince Charming. Here is an excerpt from her narrated introduction to guests aboard the ride:

But first, let me properly introduce myself.

I’m Zeni, an author, inspiring speaker, animal advocate, and creative entrepreneur. I am also known as a Superhuman, having successfully escaped the swamp and become the hero of my fairy tale. While I wear many hats, my favorite hat to wear is narrator of this adventure ride.

You see, after reading the chronicles I wrote about my escapades in the swamp, the creators of this adventure ride contacted me, wanting to buy the rights to build this most amazing ride. They wanted to share my incredible journey of transformation as a way of inspiring folks like yourself to rise up and escape the swamp as well.

I must admit. I was a little skeptical at first about the concept of an adventure ride based on my chronicles. But as you will soon come to see, it was an ingenuous idea, not to mention a profitable one, mind you, as The Toad Chronicles is now the most popular ride in this theme park.

But before I go any further, I would like to take a moment to introduce José, our driver for today.

Hailing originally from the mountains of central Mexico, José has been navigating this swamp since the very first day The Toad Chronicles adventure ride opened to the public.

Warts & Imperfections

  • Like everyone, Zeni has warts and imperfections which will be unveiled throughout the series.

Current Relationship Status – Complete within Herself

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