About the Series

You are about to embark upon an adventure ride, taking you through the swamps of life. Before departing the terminal, please take a moment, close your eyes, and envision your Superhuman, Divine Self.

Envisioning the Future of the Series

Upon the release of Escape the Swamp – Become the Hero of Your Own Fairy Tale, book one of the series, Karis plans to begin writing book two of The Toad Chronicles series, which is set to release spring 2022. Eight guests join Zeni aboard a sea plane for leg two of the adventure ride during which Zeni introduces them to the overblown “egomaniacal” species of toad.

Book three of the series takes guests on a jon boat tour through the swamp, and book four of the series takes guests on a walking tour of the swamp with the guided assistance of a native American Indian who grew up in the nearby swamp. Book five of the series, which is the book about Zeni’s Prince Charming, is still under construction.

Throughout the five book of the series, guests learn about Zeni’s personal and professional challenges, her struggles, and her warts and imperfections she has been forced to face and transmute through the years in order to rise in her empowerment and escape the swamp.

Karis has also designed a line of teen toads, devoted to empowering young people to overcome the effects of bullying. All of the teen toads have been bullied for various reasons related to the fact they don’t fit into mainstream society’s idea of who they should be. Struggling to make sense of it all, they write to Zeni for advice as to how to handle their situation.

There is also a line of female toads Karis has designed for merchandising purposes. Merchandise with the kid toads and female toads will be on sale summer of 2021. Future toad lines are also currently in the works. Stay tuned for updates on the series as well as merchandise for sale at the Karis Brands shop.

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