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About the Book Series

Climb aboard The Toad Chronicles for an inspiring, theme park adventure ride set in the metaphorical swamps of life, as Zeni, the ride’s narrator and protagonist of the series, recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming. When she first sets out on her journey, Zeni, who has endured various heartaches and hardships through the years, believes she will find the perfect person to heal and complete her.

While trekking through the swamps, however, Zeni discovers some life-altering wisdom from the Universe which changes her perception of life, love, relationships, and most importantly, herself. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Zeni undergoes a spiritual metamorphosis where she awakens and becomes her Superhuman, Divine Self.

During the various legs of the ride, Zeni shares the wisdom she has discovered, along with the many life lessons she has learned, with guests aboard the ride to assist them in transforming and becoming their Superhuman, Divine Self as well.

Join Zeni for an inspiring adventure ride through the swamps and get ready to be transformed!

More About The Series

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Book one of The Toad Chronicles series is set to re-release March 4, 2021, along with Karis’ newest book, GODdogs – an Inspiring, True Story of Rescue & Awakening.

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Meet the Toads from Book One of the Series

As readers travel with Zeni in her escapades in the swamps, they are introduced to nine species of toads scattered across six of the seven continents. There are no toads presently living on the continent of Antarctica due to the below freezing temperatures, but global warming may change that scenario very soon.

The species include: the “religious freak” toad; the “commitment creep” toad; the “mental reject” toad; the “egomaniacal” toad; the “eager beaver” toad; the “sexual deviant” toad; the “behavior buffoon” toad as well as the “scary” toad. There is also a species dubbed as the “geographically challenged” toad who can be found living in Cuba.

In book one which is the first leg of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride, readers encounter, up close and personal, two of these nine species. Click the button below to enter the swamps and meet the eleven toads, three “religious freak” toads and eight “commitment creep” toads, showcased in book one of the series.

Meet the Toads

About the Author

Meet Nikki Karis, author, attorney, inspirational speaker, animal advocate, and creative entrepreneur, who is a devoted mom to forty plus rescue animals, hailing from all around the world. Since 1992, Karis has been a practicing trial attorney, focusing exclusively on personal injury claims. In early 2019, however, Karis finally took a leap of faith and followed her lifelong dream, finishing the first book of The Toad Chronicles series. The first book is set to re-release March 4, 2021, along with GodDogs – an Inspiring, True Story of Rescue & Awakening, the first book of Karis’ GodDogs series.

In the first five books of The Toad Chronicles series, Karis’ protagonist, Zeni, traverses the swamps of life in search of Prince Charming and what she believes will be the perfect person to heal and complete her. During her adventures in the swamps, however, Zeni undergoes a life changing metamorphosis during which she sloughs off everyone else’s ideas of who she should be while transforming and becoming her Superhuman, Divine Self. Through the many life lessons Zeni learns through the years, Karis delivers a message of hope and inspiration to her readers, so they too can successfully conquer the swamps of life and become their Superhuman, Divine Self.

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